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The Conference program will feature keynote lectures, workshops and interactive sessions and will focus on the following themes:

Learning from Practice:

Excellence in professional education and care practice can be demonstrated in a range of ways. As  educators working with children it is critical to regularly reflect on practice and outcomes for children, taking into account relevant theories and research evidence,  to develop a broad toolkit of practical strategies to draw upon as needed.

This Conference theme is designed to challenge and support educators in ongoing development of reflective practices and to build on the outcomes of these practices to better support children’s learning and development.  The theme supports the concept of continuous improvement in services.


Social Emotional Wellbeing and Development:

The early years of a child’s life present a unique opportunity to nurture healthy development and research has emphasised the importance of the first five years of life recognising that both positive and negative experiences play a role in shaping children’s cognitive, behavioural, social, and emotional development.

We know that providing children with meaningful experiences and quality of interactions in the early years provide strong foundation for subsequent relationships, learning and behaviour.  This Conference theme focuses on ensuring that what we know about healthy child development is reflected in what we do, to ensure that children thrive.


Pedagogy & Curriculum:

High quality programs require educators to make critical pedagogical decisions about curriculum content, engaging learners and effective teaching practices.

It takes time, effort, and courage, to develop the appropriate tools and resources for critical reflection that respect family and system demands.  Stepping outside of a comfort zone and questioning one’s own interpretations can be confronting, yet these reflective practices help practitioners to explore new ways of thinking. This Conference theme will encourage delegates to challenge their mindset and engage in thought-provoking reflections about professional practice particularly in relation to a play-based curriculum.


Meaningful Engagement with Family & Community:

Children’s learning and developmental outcomes are optimised when families, educators and the wider community work together. A strong cross-sectoral, collaborative approach is critical for positive change to occur in the lives of children with developmental vulnerabilities.

This Conference theme highlights successful ways of engaging with families and communities and the respectful and supportive relationships this engagement demands.

Key Dates

Conference Dates: 29 - 30 March 2019
Registrations Open:  1 July 2018 
Call for Abstracts Open: Closed
Author Notification: 14 December 2018
Program Released: 15 January 2019
Early Bird Closes: 21 January 2019


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